We're now offering on-line sessions!
Due to the corona virus we've had to close our physical doors, but our virtual ones are still open!

Online session have been as fun and effective as in-person ones, and our current clients love it, and so do their dogs! 

Let's work around social distancing by starting your dog on their path to total fitness the high-tech way!  

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Train, Go, Do

From couch potato to elite athlete and puppy to senior, all dogs can benefit from cross training. It helps build body awareness, strength, and flexibility. All which can lead to less chance of injury, better energy levels, and more fun! The process of doing the exercises with your dog can increase your bond and your dog's willingness to please you.

Fit, Fast, Strong

Playing catch, running on the beach and going for walks are great for keeping your dog moving and engaged. To keep your dog moving well for as long as possible they need strong muscles, good balance, flexibility and mental challenges. K9 Cross Training can do all that so you and your dog can spend more quality time together.

Active, Redux

Has your dog been injured or is their mobility impaired? Physical Therapy is a great way to help them regain function.
Cross Training picks up when Physical Therapy is done, helping to enhance function by continuing to build strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness so you can continue to enjoy activities together.

What's K9 Cross Training about?

Canine Cross Training is about:
Keeping your dog by your side well into their golden years.
Your dog being strong and agile enough to keep up with you, their friends, and time. 
Fewer visits to the vet, and more time together doing the things you both love to do.
One-on-one time. Just you and your dog, developing an even better relationship.
Your dog's quality of life being as high as it can get.

How does K9 Cross Training Work?

Through a simple and fun exercise program designed specifically for your dog and your lifestyle you'll learn how to work one on one with your dog, on your own schedule, focusing on fitness goals that consider your dog's age, condition and personality. 
You'll learn simple techniques that can help your dog be be stronger and faster, teach them better balance, help them resist injury, and increase their bond with you. 
We'll work together, concentrating on the same things you would in a balanced exercise routine and cross training program for yourself - strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance (that's core!) - to help your dog meet your goals for them, and to develop new ones*.
No matter what age, condition, or sport, K9 Cross Training can help enhance your dog's fitness level so you get the most out of your time together. 

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*For working or sport/athlete dogs we can work on activity specific goals to help enhance performance to aim for maximum results.


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